A new holistic experience

A new holistic experience

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Conscious living represents the pinnacle of evidence-based well-being, harmoniously combining alternative wellness, holistic healing, and mindful living.

This beautiful way of living is designed to nurture the deepest desires of our hearts and souls, igniting a profound sense of aliveness, wholeness, and inner peace.

Chris Christodoulidis, Founder of Conscialink
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The name Conscialink is derived from our aim to help people become more conscious of the connection between us and the connection within us.

Conscialink presents a diverse array of offerings, each thoughtfully curated to aid your journey toward a more conscious, spiritual, and holistic lifestyle. Our broad spectrum of services includes Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Mindset Coaching, Homeopathy Consultations, Breathwork, Guided Earthing, Cacao Ceremonies, Reiki Healing, and much more. We invite you to navigate our explore page, where you’ll discover practitioners and offerings that truly speak to your journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Conscialink mainly hosts online offerings to make transformative journeys universally accessible. That said, we appreciate the unique touch that in-person experiences bring. Some of our practitioners may offer in-person sessions or events in the locations they are based. To explore this, visit the practitioner’s profile on our platform and scroll down to the “In-person Offerings” section. Here you’ll see if they have any local experiences available, and by clicking on each, you can find out where they’re located. Always remember, whether in-person or online, the journey to self-realization is beautifully transformative.

Embark on your journey with Conscialink’s free trial membership, which kindly provides you with 12 trial credits to use on select offerings. These free-trial offerings serve as an introduction to the fascinating realm of alternative and holistic wellness, generously provided by our dedicated Conscialink practitioners. Once your free trial concludes, you’ll transition into a paid membership plan, receiving 12 full-access credits each month. These can be utilized on a wider range of offerings that require full-access credits.

At Conscialink, your credits do not expire. We believe in flexibility and adaptability to suit your unique journey. So, your credits remain available for you and you can use them at your own pace, whenever you’re ready for your next transformative experience. We’ve designed this to make sure you never feel rushed or pressured-after all, self-realization should never be a race.

Please email us at [email protected] with the details of the booking you wish to cancel. We’ll handle the cancellation on your behalf, and credit refunds will be processed in accordance with our User T&Cs.

To verify their expertise, practitioners are required to provide a degree/certificate and, if necessary for specific countries, a registration certificate. By submitting these documents, practitioners demonstrate their qualifications and undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of their expertise before offering it to users. This process helps maintain the quality and credibility of our practitioners and their offerings.

Please email us at [email protected] telling us why you’re passionate about conscious wellness and holistic living. We’d love to grow our conscious community with you! Becoming an Ambassador gets you your own referral code that you can generously offer to others, giving them additional free-trial credits for a richer introduction to their alternative wellness experience. This referral code also grants new Conscialink practitioners an extra month of free practitioner trial.

Every offering on Conscialink has a unique credit value. Some offerings are entirely free, while others are partially free, enabling you to utilize your free trial credits for participation. Certain offerings necessitate full access credits, with amounts varying based on the practitioner’s preparation and energy required to deliver the offering. Ultimately, the credit allocation reflects the value and commitment of our practitioners toward providing transformative experiences.

We understand that the world of alternative and conscious wellness can seem vast and unfamiliar at first. But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you. Our platform offers a wealth of holistic and spiritual practices. To learn more about these unique experiences and find the ones that resonate with you, visit the relevant section of our website which provides a comprehensive understanding of each practice, helping you navigate your personal path to wellness and self-discovery. Embrace your journey with curiosity and an open mind.

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